Committed to society

We are entirely aware that the success of a company is linked to the well being of its community that is why this company carries out several activities that promote the social development of employees, partners, clients, suppliers and the general public. We, as a team, get closer to a win-win situation.


CELULOSA Y CORRUGADOS DE SONORA National leading company in the manufacture of paper and corrugated packaging, contributing to the education of our community and improving our ecological environment, has the ecological program “PROGRAMA DE DONACIÓN DE BANCOS Y REFORESTACIÓN: for every desk donated ... 10 trees will be planted" aimed at schools in Navojoa, Sonora and Mayo region, this program promotes ecological culture, recycling and also a company with social responsibility.




Summer Camp and Children's Day

In the month of July CECSO starts Summer Camp which runs for three weeks from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm, it's aimed at children from 4-11 years old. The purpose of this camp is to participate positively in the summer holidays.


Celulosa y Corrugados de Sonora has organized this event for over 25 consecutive years in which children know the company, play sports, crafts, dancing, singing, art, and fun with educational games, talks of values, walks among other things .

Furthermore, the celebration of Children's Day is an event not to be missing every year in the family CECSO.


Every April the company is pleased to celebrate the children of our workers. This highly anticipated event is planned and prepared especially to amuse the audience with the participation of clowns, characters, magicians, inflatable games, organized games, gifts are given away and we can not miss the piñatas. The children return home happy with the traditional box of candy CECSO especially made ​​for that special day.